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Discover what happened when our researchers pioneered the
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Dear Friend,
Seamless Sleep
. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

The kind of glorious dozing that feels so solid, so natural, SO HEAVENLY 
When you wake up in the morning, you can hardly remember closing your eyes the night before.
Really - when is the last time you’ve awoken in the sunlight and asked yourself —
Did I REALLY just sleep 
the whole night through?
We've just made a remarkable connection that could easily change how well, how long, and how peacefully you sleep.
Simply put, it could have you…

Sawing logs, catching Z’s, and loving every
minute of refreshing slumber —

My name is Antoinette Pombo - and before I give you every last detail, I need to make one thing very clear — If you’ve ever tried a sleep solution before - this will FEEL very different.

Do you think today’s sleep “solutions” are just robbing Peter to pay Paul?

MAYBE you sleep a few more hours than you would have otherwise, but at what price?

A grogginess that grabs hold and won’t let go the entire next day…

Feeling like your head is floating above your body like a tethered balloon…

Or even worse - the risk of rising out of bed and sleepwalking through your house!

If it all feels completely “unnatural,” well… that’s because it is!

Today’s sleep solutions are as brutal as a heavyweight boxer - they just want to knock you out - no matter what the cost.

Between the side effects, the cost, the uncertainty of whether they’re even working at all —

These BOGUS “sleep solutions” could be
the real culprit behind your fitful sleep!

But we knew there was a genuine solution out there…

In fact, we've built a reputation for finding, perfecting and delivering them directly to you, thanks to the fact that we're constantly on the look-out for breakthroughs in natural health.

We introduced you to Gluco-Control Plus - a blood sugar powerhouse that addresses your liver’s role in blood sugar control. YES, that's right your liver! 

And, the mental 'marvel' that's been shown to quickly boost your working memory - in less than an hour!
And we brought you joint pain, prostate and heart solutions that REALLY work!

So when our trusted Japanese research contacts made a breakthrough in the science of sleep - we were one of the first to hear about it


They had the EUREKA moment 
doctors can only dream of…

Have you ever heard of heat shock proteins?

Probably not. Few people outside of the world’s most sophisticated laboratories have.

But let me try and explain the connection between these newfound molecules and the all-night sleep you’re longing for with one simple question…

Have you ever been in a hot tub?

You step in and the water is almost painful at first. It’s hard to imagine plunging your whole body into it, but little by little you submerge yourself.

And BOY are you glad you did.

The encompassing warmth… the pulsating bubbles… the silky steam rising above you…

There’s a reason why relaxation spas have used hot tubs and natural hot springs for centuries to bring forth a deep sensation of calm.

(In fact, the breakthrough I’m about to tell you about hails from Sapporo, Japan - a town known for their centuries'-old healing hot springs!)

After 30 minutes inside - you dry off, your body feels RELAXED and your mind can’t help but follow suit.
That night, you have the best night’s sleep you’ve had in weeks, months, maybe years.

So are some bubbles and hot water really the only things at play here?

We knew there was something more…

Your body is already armed with 
a deeply relaxing secret - 
You just need MORE of it!

All that time soaking in the tub increases the heat in your body - and triggers the tiny molecules - heat shock proteins. These are nature’s answer to excess heat and even free-radical stress.

In fact, exercise and intense diets can trigger them as well - which is what brought them to our attention.
They are specifically designed to come to your body’s rescue, serving as a repairman for damaged proteins and a potent anti-ageing agent.

That could be a part of the reason why exercise and even calorie restrictive diets are showing such promise in anti-ageing studies.

When they’re working in high gear, the effects can feel soothing, like a hypnotic twilight, working to calm your mind so your body can repair.

But there’s a catch…

Your supply of heat shock proteins is limited… and their release through the body declines with age.
It could be the reason in a recent survey of 9,000 people aged 65 and older - over half reported sleep complaints.

We could have stopped there and left heat shock proteins as an interesting find in the research…
But one question kept nagging our experts…


What if there was a way to trigger the release of even more heat shock proteins in your body?

After all - yes, exercise is great and a good work out can have you sleeping like a baby…

But you can’t always workout to the point of exhaustion.

And calorie restrictions are extremely difficult and not made for everyone - especially just to get a good night’s sleep.

But then a very unlikely trigger for these special proteins revealed itself…


That’s right - the long-stalk vegetable you often find as a side dish in so many gourmet meals.

The developers of a new breakthrough have confirmed, their specially-designed asparagus extract called ETASTM significantly increases the expression of a very potent heat sensitive protein called HSP70.

Preliminary studies revealed this effect in actual human subjects taking ETAS.

Experiments also showed treating sleep-deprived mice with ETAS elevated their heat sensitive protein expression and lowered stress responses.

But if you want even MORE results - 

look no further

Two different clinical intervention trials published in 2014 overwhelmed our experts with even more proof…
The first was a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study of 16 healthy adult male volunteers. Results showed supplementing with ETAS enhanced heat sensitive protein release compared to placebo.

But that’s not all - it also delivered significant improvement to subjects’ autonomic nervous system - the system responsible for your physical stress response.

The second study was also randomised, double-blind, and placebo-controlled - another gold standard trial.

But this time, researchers focused on stress-related hormones and sleep. And just as animal models predicted, ETAS supplementation effectively suppressed cortisol elevation and decreased chromogranin A levels - which plays a critical role in the expression of heat shock proteins.

In fact - research is showing ETAS can drive down the stress hormone, cortisol by as much as 80%!

This dramatically improves mental stress, quality of sleep - even mood and energy levels as a result.

Our experts quickly developed a solution 
SEAMLESS, Heavenly sleep…

Introducing SleepLogic!

With the emerging science behind heat shock proteins - ETAS could be the sleep wonder of the century.

It’s like experiencing a rejuvenating spa… and all of its glorious, relaxing side effects… all without ever leaving your home.

You don’t have to shell out a monthly membership fee to a spa…

You don’t have to install a hot tub on your back deck…

You don’t have to experience awkward massages…

FSPNutritional’s brand new sleep sensation, SleepLogic brings you the power and emerging science of ETAS - for the first time ever in South Africa.

This is the most cutting-edge natural sleep science in the world - and who would have thought such an ordinary vegetable like asparagus could be behind it?

But the signature breakthrough in this brand new formula feels like a spa in more ways than one way…

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It takes “beauty sleep” to a 

whole new level…

Heat shock proteins offer natural repair against protein damage from heat and oxidative stress. Collagen - the compound that gives skin its youthful elasticity - is the most abundant protein in your body.

It’s also one of the first proteins to succumb to the ravages of time (not to mention UV exposure).

The developers of ETAS claim this extract can double as a world-class skin and beauty supporter!

Studies show that heat shock proteins help promote healthy, young-looking skin.

But these potential extra perks run more than skin deep. In fact, emerging animal research suggests that ETAS could play a vital role in keeping your memory sharp, too.

Studies on human nerve cells show that ETAS’ ability to upregulate heat shock proteins may defend neurons against oxidative stress. And that it may even help neurons live longer with advancing age. Studies on mice are equally promising - showing that ETAS insulates neuronal cells from oxidative damage and stops age-related cognitive decline in its tracks.

And you WILL sleep easy knowing just one dose of FSPNutritional's brand new sleep sensation, SleepLogic features 200mg of the scientific marvel, ETAS.

But while this would be more than enough to have you slumbering better than you have in years…
We didn’t want to stop there…

  Yes! Send me my risk-free supply of SleepLogic!

SleepLogic features THREE MORE 
sleepy time secrets

We wanted to achieve the most potent, effective natural sleep provider available - and to do so, we included three of the most time-tested natural sleep solutions…

100 mg of L-theanine
In a world of teas, lattés, energy drinks, and other stimulants, L-theanine works overtime to restore balance.
Animal research shows L-theanine neutralises the speedy and chaotic effects of caffeine.

Even more interesting, researchers have shown forms of L-theanine can help you sleep better - without the tossing and turning that many define as having a bad night’s sleep.

200mg of L-tryptophan 
L-tryptophan is an amino acid that interacts with two brain chemicals that are important for a restful night's sleep, as well as the timing of your biological clock’s sleep-wake cycle. It increases the 
neuro-transmitters, serotonin and melatonin. Together, these chemicals in the right quantities, at the right time, not only promote sleep, but also improve sleep-quality.  And, of course, this means, you can wake up every morning feeling like you've had a full night's rest!

In one study, researchers found that magnesium also helps decrease cortisol, the 'stress hormone' that can keep you up at night - tossing and turning. It also helps your muscles relax which gives you that calm 'sleepy' feeling that helps you unwind after a long day. 

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Sound asleep in just minutes

SleepLogic is just two capsules which you can take an hour before you’re ready to hit the sack. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Plus, here at FSPNutritionals, we believe SleepLogic is so effective…

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So you can stock up now and take advantage while supplies last on this sleep breakthrough.

It’s time to reacquaint yourself with what a FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP feels like and how it can change your day.
It’s time to experience the sweet relief of SleepLogic for yourself.

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Because it’s so new and because its signature secret, ETAS is only available in South Africa through SleepLogic’s formula…

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To a good night's sleep,

Antoinette Pombo


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